International Collaboration & Community Partners

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is collaborating with international leaders in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and atypical Parkinsonism research to expand Fox Trial Finder in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Community Partners Program

Community Partners are organizations that serve the Parkinson's and atypical Parkinsonism patient, researcher and physician communities. Community Partners are committed to raising awareness and education around the importance of clinical trial participation and the opportunities that are available. The goal of the community partners program is to bring together key stakeholders throughout the recruitment landscape and to organize outreach, messaging and activities related to clinical trial participation.

Each Community Partner organization serves a unique purpose. Therefore, the Community Partners program is designed to be flexible to allow Partners to educate on the need for trial participation in their own way. As the convening organization of the Community Partner program, The Michael J. Fox Foundation is eager to find new and creative ways to work with Community Partner organizations in a mutually beneficial way.

Are you a PD or Parkinsonism organization looking to join the effort in accelerating recruitment into clinical research? Email for information on how to join the Community Partners program.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Community Partners

A host of organizations have already signed on as Community Partners. These include:

The Cure Parkinson's Trust The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research The New England Parkinson's Ride
Parkinson's Association of Alabama The Parkinson's Alliance The Tuchman Foundation Parkinson Pipeline Project
Parkinson's Movement Parkinson's Unity Walk Shake It Up Australia Foundation
Team Parkinson's Wilkins Parkinson's Davis Phinney Foundation
Parkinson Association of the Rockies Parkinson's UK Move4Parkinson's
Outdoor Mindset Brain Support Network Research Match
Coalition for Clinical Trial Awareness

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