Volunteer Privacy and Security

Volunteer information on Fox Trial Finder is confidential and secure. All registered users on Fox Trial Finder agree to abide by the Fox Trial Finder Privacy Policy.

When a volunteer creates a profile on Fox Trial Finder, they provide certain personal information that is necessary to identify possible trial matches. Volunteers may also choose to provide additional information that will help trial coordinators determine whether to message a volunteer or whether an in-person screening should occur.

All volunteer profiles are de-identified on Fox Trial Finder. This means that although registered trial coordinators can view certain profile details to facilitate a match, identifying information, such as name, email address and phone number is never shared. A volunteer’s personal information is only revealed if they choose to share it in a message to a trial team member on the site.

All information provided by volunteers on Fox Trial Finder is treated confidentially. Information provided by volunteers is maintained in a database by a third-party host. Fox Trial Finder has taken steps to ensure the highest level of data security, including a secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts all data being shared across a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection.


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