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Fox Trial Finder Rewards Program

The Fox Trial Finder Rewards Program offers a system of milestones and rewards for clinical sites that refer all interested volunteers — both PD patients and controls alike — to register on FTF. Fox Trial Finder (FTF) is an easy action step to offer during a regular care appointment, during a screening visit in which a volunteer doesn't qualify for one particular study but could qualify for others, or even while a patient or a loved one is sitting in a clinic waiting room.

Ultimately, by referring interested volunteers to register on FTF, clinical sites are helping to create and grow the most comprehensive database of interested PD research volunteers, who can be tapped for both current and future studies.

How it works:

  1. 1. Enroll in the FTF Rewards Program

  2. 2. Refer All Volunteers to Fox Trial Finder

    Once enrolled, your site will be included in the referral menu on the Fox Trial Finder registration page. When a new volunteer registers – either a person with PD or a control – registers and selects your site as their referral source, you’ll get a point. No special link or instructions are necessary, and we will send you a package of postcards to help you start your outreach.

  3. 3. Fox Trial Finder Will Track Your Progress

    Monitor your site’s progress in real time below.

  4. 4. Get Rewarded

    Reach designated milestones, and MJFF will send your team prizes to keep you motivated. Prizes include giveaways [your coffee tastes so much better from an FTF mug!], recognition from senior leadership at MJFF, and MJFF-sponsored event and more!


  1. AdvanceMed Research (174)
  2. Associated Neurologists, Danbury, CT (22)
  3. Baylor College of Medicine (45)
  4. Blue Ridge Research Center, LLC (13)
  5. Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center (27)
  6. City College of New York (4)
  7. Cleveland Clinic (82)
  8. Cleveland Clinic Florida (16)
  9. Columbia University Medical Center (28)
  10. Emory University (52)
  11. Gardner - McMaster Parkinson Center (4)
  12. Georgia Regents University (11)
  13. Health Quest Medical Practice Division of Neurology (12)
  14. Imperial College London (14)
  15. Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders (32)
  16. Johns Hopkins University (56)
  17. McGill University (14)
  18. Medical University of South Carolina (18)
  19. Mount Sinai Beth Israel (39)
  20. Neurology Specialists, Inc. (41)
  21. Northern Michigan Neurology (6)
  22. Northwestern University (37)
  23. Pacific Neuroscience Medical Group (10)
  24. Parkinson's Disease and Movemenr Disorders Center of Boca Raton (54)
  25. PRA Health Sciences (8)
  26. Raleigh Neurology Associates (14)
  27. Stanford Movement Disorders (31)
  28. Stony Brook University Hospital (8)
  29. The Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Institute (110)
  30. The University of Vermont (4)
  31. University of Alabama at Birmingham (25)
  32. University of California, San Diego Movement Disorder Center (28)
  33. University of Cincinnati Medical Center (9)
  34. University of Colorado Movement Disorders Center (53)
  35. University of Kentucky Movement Disorders Program (2)
  36. University of Michigan (26)
  37. University of Pennsylvania Neurology (53)
  38. University of Pittsburgh, Department of Neurology (8)
  39. University of South Florida (25)
  40. University of Washington (15)
  41. Wisconsin Institute for Neurologic and Sleep Disorders, S.C. (13)
  42. Yale Neurology Movement Disorders Center (28)

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