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How does Fox Trial Finder work?

Fox Trial Finder connects motivated volunteers (both people with Parkinson's disease (PD) and control volunteers) with Parkinson's disease trials recruiting people like them. Volunteers register on Fox Trial Finder and share information about themselves such as their diagnosis, symptom progression, medication history, location, and age. Fox Trial Finder compares this information to the participation criteria of registered trials (trials either registered directly by trial team members or imported from and then updated in collaboration with the trial team). Clinical trial and study team members register on Fox Trial Finder to manage their trial's recruitment — either as the study lead or as a manager for a particular site in the study. Fox Trial Finder will then alert volunteers and trial team members about possible matches as they arise, after which they can exchange messages to discuss the trial further. Trial team members can also view a volunteer's detailed profile to learn more about their symptoms, treatments, and other medical history.

Who can use Fox Trial Finder?

On the research side, Fox Trial Finder can be used by anyone recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial. By creating a profile and linking to a trial on Fox Trial Finder, trial team members can review and send messages to interested volunteers registered on Fox Trial Finder. Overall study coordinators, or trial leads , can also invite members of their trial team to register as site owners to manage recruitment for specific sites.

Researchers interested in seeing whether Fox Trial Finder has the volunteer population they need for a trial in development can also register on Fox Trial Finder. After signing up, researchers can conduct a simple search to see how many volunteers may meet study qualifications and where these volunteers are located.

I'm a trial coordinator – how do I get connected to my trial listing on Fox Trial Finder?

Coordinators can link to trials in two ways:

  1. Overall trial coordinators ("trial leads") should send a message to requesting to manage the trial on FTF. The Michael J. Fox Foundation will follow up to confirm your credentials and then authorize your connection to the trial on Fox Trial Finder.
  2. Coordinators for a specific site ("site owners") should ask their overall trial coordinator to send them an invitation through Fox Trial Finder to be registered as the coordinator recruiting for that site.

What are my responsibilities as a clinical trial coordinator or researcher?

Fox Trial Finder's mission is to speed the enrollment process by bridging the gap between volunteers and recruiting trials. In support of that mission, but also recognizing how busy a coordinator's day is, we request that coordinators respond to messages from volunteers within 3 business days. Fox Trial Finder also appreciates that both its registered trial team members and registered volunteers share a commitment to being communicative and accessible. Our goal is to provide both a faster recruitment process and a positive experience for the volunteers and trial teams working together to speed research progress.

How is the privacy of registered volunteers maintained?

A volunteer's identity is always kept private unless the volunteer chooses to identify him or herself in a message to a coordinator. It's important that health information is shared in order to make trial matches, facilitate early additional screening, and build a database that generally helps de-risk clinical trial investment in PD research. Aside from a few basic pieces of information that Fox Trial Finder requires of all registered volunteers, most fields are optional — but we hope volunteers will respond to all questions, as this information contributes immeasurably to the usefulness of the tool.

Although Fox Trial Finder does not fall explicitly under the provisions of HIPAA, volunteers should feel confident that both a secure Web connection and Fox Trial Finder's commitment to confidentiality will keep their personal identity safe while using information about their health to help develop a better picture of people's experiences with Parkinson's.


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