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Fox Trial Finder, a Web-based smart matching tool developed and managed by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, helps Parkinson's disease clinical trial teams connect with volunteers who want to participate in research. The tool aims to increase access to volunteers who have already indicated they want to get involved in research, suggest matches who meet a trial's criteria, and allow trial teams to contact volunteers online to explore whether they are eligible to participate. .

Ready access to a community of motivated volunteers

The Michael J. Fox Foundation continually engages with the Parkinson's patient community worldwide to communicate the urgent need for clinical research participants. New volunteers register with Fox Trial Finder daily, enabling trial teams to easily access a growing number of motivated potential participants (both patients and controls). We believe Fox Trial Finder will change the trial recruitment game, making it easy and efficient, so that trial teams can focus on the research and finish trials on time and on budget.

Find leads easily: Dynamic matching and automatic alerts

Fox Trial Finder's algorithm identifies possible volunteer matches for your trial based on several key criteria. When volunteers create a profile on Fox Trial Finder, they provide data points such as age, gender, medication history, time since diagnosis, location and willingness to travel. When trials are posted to the site, the tool can quickly compare these data points with a trial's participation criteria and identify volunteers in the system who may qualify to enroll.

Overall trial coordinators for each trial (" trial leads ") can register themselves to edit trial details as well as assign ownership of specific sites to site coordinators (" site owners ") on Fox Trial Finder. This empowers trial leads to oversee recruitment for the entire trial while empowering site owners to manage and engage with matches in their area. When a new volunteer is a match for a specific trial and location, Fox Trial Finder automatically alerts both the site owner and the volunteer about the possible match. From here, site owners can further explore the potential match by reviewing additional basic information about the volunteer in the volunteer's de-identified profile and, if appropriate, follow up by sending the volunteer a message.

Connect directly with qualified leads — it's secure, it's free

When a match is made through the site, both the volunteer and the site owner can use our built-in messaging interface to discuss the trial and determine whether to move forward to an in-person screening. This provides volunteers with an opportunity to ask preliminary questions about the study and enables coordinators to conduct a casual pre-screening. If the volunteer decides to share their contact information with someone from the trial team, they can do so through this system.

Fox Trial Finder Rewards Program

The Fox Trial Finder Rewards Program offers a system of milestones and prizes for clinical sites that refer all interested volunteers — both PD patients and controls alike — to register on Fox Trial Finder. Fox Trial Finder (FTF) is an easy action step to offer during a regular care appointment, a screening visit in which a volunteer doesn't qualify for one particular study but could qualify for others, or even while a patient or a loved one is sitting in a clinic waiting room. Enroll today!


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